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Wicked Wingz is a self funded Organization that specializes in Waterfowl Hunting and outdoor activities. We exist to serve the Disabled & Active Duty Veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Wicked Wingz is happy to provide Waterfowl Hunting and other outdoor activities at no cost, to these brave Veterans. We strive to provide unforgettable, once in a lifetime memories. We provide a safe and secure environment, on privately leased & managed property, throughout Washington State. Our hunts are a result of our scouting. We will make every attempt to put the birds in the decoys right in front of you! We do not “pass shoot” or “jump shoot” birds… We FINISH birds! They will be back winging in the decoys every time we call the shot.

To provide some of the finest hunting access in the country, Wicked Wingz relies on the kind donations and expertise of several organizations across Washington State. We are able to accommodate disabilities of any level, including several wheel chair accessible blinds. Hunters of any age and skill level are encouraged to apply.

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